Monday, December 04, 2006


I had an incredible Thanksgiving Break hanging out with Katie and Stacy in Chattanooga, seeing good ole friends there and playing frisbee golf, all the while training Katie's puppy Sadie with a healthy mix of fear, intimidation, scoobie snacks, and sarcasm.
When we got hungry for Turkey we drove to Katie's and Stacy's home town Birmingham Alabama, to spend time with family. I was missing my own family at the time, but there were plenty of warm hugs to go around at the Hilleke household on the river. There were also a ton of huntin' fishin' boat ridin' and boat crashin' stories to go round.
And then I learned one of Bill Hilleke's (Katie's Dad) favorite things to say..."Wide Open"
And I've decided it's not really an expression that can be defined very well in words, but when you hear someone use it you immediately understand.
The day after Thanksgiving Katie paddled the Locust Fork as her first whitewater river since day 2 in Honduras, it was wide open <-- video link