Sunday, March 25, 2007

Boof Against the Odds

Cherry Bomb Falls

Great news!! In her fight to the finish, Katie Hilleke is rockin out because the colon cancer which brought her and Stacy home from Honduras, is officially in remission. Katie Hilleke is a survivor, and inspirer. This summer she has inspired us to paddle as much gradient (total vertical drop) as we can, launching the "Boof Against the Odds - Cherry Bomb Tour 2007" On a sickbird paddle tour of Colorado and California, raising funds and awareness for cancer recovery and some of the organizations (First Descents , Lance Armstrong Foundation, and Green River Access) who provided support for Katie during recovery. Giving back and helping others is the goal.

Katie Hilleke

To get ready for all this, Stacy is rockin out as a Wild Land Fire Fighter, fighting fire across the nation. Not only is it great training for multi-day paddling trips, it keeps her busy when it's too hot and dry to paddle.
Stacy Heer

As for me, while I've been creating terrain maps for surveyors and engineers here in Asheville, I've become obsessed with the latest fad that allows anyone to claim "Today I flew over the Middle Kings Canyon in the high sierras!" -- on GoogleEarth, that is.

Robin Betz

What can I say, it's late March and the snow pack is already starting to melt .... and we've got California on our minds. In preparation for paddling in the High Sierras this summer, we have mapped a virtual tour of the Middle Kings Canyon. The tour starts in Bishop, California and flys through the 14 mile hike over 1200' Bishop Pass and dramatically back down the western slope of the sierras to the put-in. The tour flies down the entire length of the Middle Kings Canyon with custom views of features such as Devil's Washbowl and Tehipite Valley.

I haven't yet uploaded the Tour, but once I do it will be right here, and it's easy to view. Just follow the steps.
1) Make sure you have the free GoogleEarth program installed on your computer. If not, download the free GoogleEarth program.
2) Download the .kmz file which has the tour stored in it.
3) Lauch the Middle Kings Canyon Tour.kmz file
4) Turn on "Geographic Places" in the Layers Tab
5) Press the Play Button in the Places Tab.

Enjoy the Tour!

And join us in the Boof Against the Odds - Cherry Bomb Tour 2007 -- more details to come.