Sunday, April 15, 2007


"Boaters Teaming Up To Make A Difference"

We've been thinking about it....
And we've decided that we want to celebrate the gift of life after facing down cancer by kayaking rivers throughout the country this summer. We are also raising money to help support cancer fighters. Combining both we are embarking on a kayaking/fundraising tour from the east to the west to raise awareness about the growing impact of cancer among young adults. Help us inspire others to face challenges on and off the river, by contributing to two organizations that are close to our hearts.

Please sponsor our team for every mile of river we complete this summer. For example, we plan to average 5 miles per day, for June and July, that would equal 300 miles for the summer.

A pledge of 5 cents per mile x 300 miles = $15.00
A pledge of 15 cents per mile x 300 miles = $45.00
A pledge of $1.00 per mile x 300 miles = $300.00

A gift of any amount is appreciated and tax deductable. 100% of all donations will be divided between the Lance Armstrong Foundation and First Descents (A kayaking camp for cancer survivors).

To sponsor us please fill out the sponsorship form and return the form to
At the end of the summer we will total our mileage and contact you. At that time you can send us a check made out to the Katie Hilleke Assistance Fund. From there your gift will be divided and donated between the Lance Armstrong Foundation and First Descents Kayaking Camp for Cancer Survivors.

If you wish to donate directly to these organizations please follow these links to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and First Descents

Thankyou for your generous support!

I finally made it back to the Green River!!! It was like coming home. This is a picture of me walking Gorilla. Like Jerry says, I'll do it next time. The day was perfect! The next day we came back to the Green at 200%! Another perfect day. So training for our summer fundraiser has officially begun.