Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The First All Women's Kayaking Expedition to Honduras

This July a group of five female expedition kayakers will be heading south to run the steep creeks of Honduras and Nicaragua. This team of Expeditionettes includes a well rounded team of kayaker athletes and expeditionists from all over North America, featuring Katie Hilleke (Asheville, NC), Stacy Heer (Chattanooga, TN), Jessie Rice (Truckee, CA), Laura Nash (Vancouver, BC) and Robin Betz (Blacksburg, VA).

Photo by Robin Betz

Katie Hilleke launches left at sunshine (above) on the Green River, NC. Stay tuned for more bold moves by the Expeditionettes and updates on this kayaking extravaganza to Honduras.


m~shay said...

My name is Marshay and I taught with Katie this past year at Harris Middle in NC. She is a wonderful person full of spirit and I just want her to know that her friends in NC are thinking about her, missing her, and most certainly praying for her! We love her and will miss her smile brightening up our days this year!

amy said...

Hello Katie
I work with Molly M at Camp Rockbrook and she told me that Katie was sick. I don't know her personally, but just the same I have heard of her mentioned from friends in the boating community and she sounds like such an amazing person -

All you girls are an inspiration to those of us girls just getting confident even doing class 3/4 stuff (I moderate for the Asheville River Divas).

Katie, you will be in my meditations, sending you positivity and 'good vibes' :]

And the rest of you expeditionettes...
good luck!

Namaste, Amy

shzreading said...

Darlin' Katie...I am sooo praying for you! Wish I was closer to hug you every now and then.
"You go, Girl!" I am so
proud of you.
Love you,
Aunt Sandy