Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Nothin' like California to get you Fired Up for California!

The Dirtpatch is just about to launch Boof Against the Odds! It will all begin May 27th and continue through July 27th. We still need lots of pledges, though. Anyone can pledge by logging onto and clicking 'donate'; just download a form there and mail it in or email me the information. Flat donations can also be made online or by sending a check made out to First Descents or the Lance Armstrong Foundation and mailing it to the Dirt Patch.

Amazingly, I had an opportunity last week to do a quick preview of California and of what we will be doing. My friend Scott, from Alaska, and I went to the Cal Salmon for a few days of the Slammin' Salmon Fest (a camping 'festival' started by some of Scott's Alaska buddies). We paddled the Buttler section one day and then Nordheimer and Buttler the next day. It was beautiful and so fun!

Then we drove to South Silver and ran that two times before catching the 12:30 red eye back to Asheville, making it back home sometime yesterday. Today I got back out on the Green River with the boys and had another beautiful day on the water!

I will be driving out to Colorado to begin Boof Against the Odds on Friday. The official dates are going to be May 27th- July 27th. I will kick it off with my brother and friends on the Black Canyon of the Gunnison (hopefully) and end it with First Descents. If I can get on the river with Tommy that Sunday (may 27), I will have paddled in California, North Carolina and Colorado all in one week.

I am feeling fully recovered now and completely back in the game. It is amazing to think that less than four months ago, I was still dealing with all the mess of chemotherapy. I can't wait to get back in that warm California (and Colorado) sun and breathe in the air, knowing that I am happy and healthy, lovin' life~ Life is so good!

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