Saturday, July 14, 2007

Scrambled, fried or poached?

The adventure continues... Katie and I left the sweltering city of Boise and headed northeast to run the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. In true dirt patch style, the adventure began with a brief stop at the hospital after running shuttle due to a pretty nasty stomach virus I had acquired. That same day(July 3) we put in at the headwaters of the middle fork called Marsh Creek and paddled 14 miles to the standard put in of the middle fork. We had bought a river book that had all 100 miles of the river detailed with rapids, hikes, history, and geological info. July 4 found us at mile 36 at sunflower hot springs. This was a very important Independence day for Katie and I because it was a year ago that we went searching for a doctor in the jungles of Honduras. We toasted Independence and freedom with chocolate and champagne as we soaked in the hot springs. The canyons in this gorge were incredibly rugged and beautiful. The rapids were class III with a few IV's so we were able to keep a great pace. July 5 found us around mile 74 in the Impassible Canyon. The name is strictly a guess. The book could have confirmed this however I was paddling with it on top of my skirt for easy access and around mile 73 it decided to travel its own way. It might have been extremely informative and waterproof but it could not float. What's the point then, right?
This is a picture from our last camp. We left on July 6th and paddled all the way 5 miles past the normal cache bar take out to the end of the road take out. It was great paddling so many miles through wilderness. I definatly plan to return one day and take more time to fully explore this magical place.

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