Monday, June 04, 2007

Boof Against the Odds begins!

After kicking off our journey at the Teva Mountain Games, Boof Against the Odds has officially begun. Here are some pics of Tommy and I during the extreme race on Homesteak Creek. These photos were taken by Brian Kelsen, who came up with the idea of the Katie's Krew merchandise. All the proceeds of Katie's Krew go to First Descents and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Below homesteak is a great section of river called Gilman's gorge (I think). Jules, Scott and I paddled this the day before the race.

On June 1st, the first day of BAO (Boof Against the Odds), Tommy, Scott and I ran 8.1 miles of the Colorado river. We put on at Barrell Springs and took off at Tommy's house in Glenwood Springs.

On the second day of BAO, I came down with something, so I rested up instead of paddling.

On day 3, Tommy and I paddled 8.1 miles of the same section of the Colorado, taking out at his house. So fun! So officially we are at 16.2 miles of river in 3 days. Not bad!

Stacy called today and said Robin is going to be in Reno on the 6th (wednesday), so I am heading out tonight to pick her up. Stacy is leaving in a few days to meet us in Cali after that. I can't wait to be paddling in the warm california sun with my girls!
Meanwhile, I am spending some QT with my nephews here in Glenwood Springs. They are so cute!

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