Thursday, June 07, 2007

Getting Ready for the Hooha

Donner Summit. We have arrived in Cali at last! I left Colorado on Monday evening and headed through the desert to pick up Robin in Reno on Wednesday, June 6. so Fired UP! I woke up in the snow in Nevada wed. morning. The morning before, I ran 4 miles through the desert. Reggea tunes, warm wind in my hair. Bringing sexy back.

Grabbed Robin in Reno, we logged two miles on the Truckee River and two miles hiking through the urban jungle of Reno, the biggest small city in the world. It was like one of those lunch adventure magazines, simply an adventure.

We made it by that night to Lake Tahoe, stayed with some of Robins friends (shout out to Sue and Jeff and the whole massanutten crew). We met up with Hale and are waiting for some more of the boys to arrive and go run the hooha.

Meanwhile, keeping it real by hiking to the beautiful Donner summit.

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